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Velvet Upholstery Rolls --  Stock Lot 

Velvet Upholstery for Sofas, Furniture and Car Seats 
---Some Automotive upholstery in lot too
Classic colors:  Burgundy, brown, beige, dark gray, 
                    light gray, blue, green, multi-colors too
Textured, Soft Chenille-like feel
Width is 54"   = 1.40 meters
33,000 yards per 40 ft hc container  = 30,000 meters
Sold by the yard or meter
Styles are lapped or married to form bigger rolls
Rolls from 10 to 40 yards or meters
Good depth per style
Made in USA 

Contact:    akaminski@ohcoinc.com   for Stock Lot prices now !!!

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